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  2. Congressman Doyle Warns Constituents to Prepare for Digital Television Transition
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Docs Coupon_program_app_en Pdf

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Jan 23, Issues: Telecommunications and the Internet Pittsburgh, PA — January 23, — Congressman Mike Doyle PA held a press conference today to urge his constituents to get ready for the dramatic technical change in local television broadcasts that will take place on February 17th. Analog sets connected to such converter boxes will display digital broadcasts, but not necessarily in the full, original digital quality. Because the federal government has mandated this transition, the federal government is subsidizing the purchase of set-top converter boxes in order to minimize the financial impact of this change on individual households. Each household can receive up to 2 of these coupons. Congressman Doyle will continue to work with retailers to ensure that converter boxes are available for purchase online as well as in local stores. All new TVs must include digital tuners. TVs with digital tuners will be able to receive the new digital over-the-air broadcast signals. Despite the prohibition on manufacture and shipment of new analog-only TVs, retailers may continue to sell analog-only devices from existing inventory. As a result, at the point of sale, many consumers should be aware that this equipment will not be able to receive over-the-air-television signals after February 17, You should ask your cable provider what you will need and when. Satellite subscribers may need new DTV equipment to receive and view high definition digital programming.

Powel reasoned, correctly, that radio being a new subject of great interest, Haldeman-Julius would want to publish his booklet. As published by E.

pdfDocs for PDF Creation l PDF collation l DocsCorp

There were a couple of specific benefits in having Haldeman-Julius publish the booklet. First, the Crosley Radio Corporation could buy copies of The Simplicity of Radio for less than it cost to have them printed locally. Second, the book was a great promotional device, as it featured Crosley radios and parts.

It was also a sales tool; anyone who wanted a copy could request one free. And it was serialized in any newspaper that would have it, at no charge.

While the applications are available online, they cannot be printed online and will not be available from retailers.

The coupon cards are non-transferable, and are encoded to be used only for the purchase of an eligible converter box.

Congressman Doyle Warns Constituents to Prepare for Digital Television Transition

Coupon cards will be mailed to eligible applicants in the order received. Applications can also be made over the phone to DTV Hearing-impaired consumers can apply via TTY service by calling The coupon program ends on March 31, The converter boxes are supposed to be easy to install, and will easily plug into the TV set.

The existing TV antenna connects to the converter box, and the converter box is connected to the TV and a power source. Some analog TV users may not need a converter box, as many TVs manufactured since have a digital tuner installed. Perspective Single Point Vanishing Perspective. Penmanship Solid guides with a dashed middle line.


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