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    Inside Out. A Personal History Of Pink Floyd. · Autor: Nick Mason. que culminó en pleitos legales. Inglés / PDF / pags / MB. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. The landmark British psychedelic band Pink Floyd's founding drummer limns the group, named after two early bluesmen, in a . To the greatest rock band in history all creation. Band Members. Can't Decide Where to Start in the Pink Floyd Catalog? How to Get Into Pink.

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    Inside Out A Personal History Of Pink Floyd Pdf

    INSIDE OUT. A PERSONAL HISTORY OF PINK FLOYD would come in and draw on the board an immaculate representation of the floor plan inside out. Inside Out: A Personal History of Pink Floyd is Nick Mason's personal memoir of Pink Floyd published on 7. The landmark British psychedelic. INSIDE OUT. A PERSONAL HISTORY OF PINK FLOYD. BY NICK MASON. THE LIMITED EDITION BOXED SET. AN EXTRAORDINARY BOX OF DELIGHTS!.

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    Enabled Due to its large file size, this book may take longer to download. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Anatomy of a Song: Marc Myers. Marvel Comics: The Untold Story.

    Sean Howe. A Fast Ride Out of Here: Confessions of Rock's Most Dangerous Man. Pete Way. Born to Drum: Tony Barrell. Neil Young's Biography. Jimmy McDonough. Thanks a Lot Mr Kibblewhite: My Story. Roger Daltrey. Editorial Reviews From Booklist The landmark British psychedelic band Pink Floyd's founding drummer limns the group, named after two early bluesmen, in a profusely illustrated coffee-table tome.

    The band's spacey arrangements, instrumentation, and light shows made it famous; the drug-burnout fate of original leader Syd Barrett, who was later institutionalized, helped, too. As Barrett's legend grew, his former colleagues moved the band closer to the rock mainstream and scored massive hits with such albums as Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall. Mason tracks the outfit's progress from the members' meeting in art school a la the Who, the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, and other revered British rockers.

    Given Pink Floyd's erstwhile association with mood-altering substances, the more recent story of band members' children's covert strategy to score at a concert is particularly piquant. Incisive, and freighted with pictures, this is a lush treat for the band's considerable fandom. All rights reserved. The production values of the book reflect those of the Floyd themselves: Everything about the design of the book Even the picture captions have been sculpted into precise, informative and often amusing nuggets of information In prose that is both self-deprecating and insightful, he grapples with subjects that have often been off-limits See all Editorial Reviews.

    Product details File Size: October 10, Sold by: English ASIN: Enabled X-Ray: Not Enabled. Pink Floyd. Is this feature helpful? Thank you for your feedback. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review.

    Read reviews that mention pink floyd nick mason roger waters floyd fan syd barrett dark side coffee table david gilmour side of the moon early days rock and roll well written division bell jimi hendrix history of pink point of view history of the band really enjoyed sex and drugs start to finish. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

    There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Paperback Verified download. If you are not, then it is probably way too much information. But, oh my, what a brilliant book this is! Nick Mason is a witty, slightly dark-humored, self-deprecating,detailed wordsmith.

    I did not want this book to end. It is a wonderful recollection and reflection back into the history of the iconic band Pink Floyd. If you are looking for sex, drugs, and rock n' roll, this is NOT it.

    Just a look back and look through a band and its music.

    Pink Floyd Ilustrado: Inside Out. A Personal History Of Pink Floyd

    The bumps and bruises along the way read: Syd and Roger are handled forthrightly, with dignity and without backstabbing. We are given the basic facts with Mr. Mason's subtle observations and subjective thoughts, but not delivered with rancor or over-emotionalism. Mason does not take himself very seriously and time and time again we are delighted to read his thoughts about himself and others with what I can only imagine were delivered with a wry smile.

    The book is offered with intelligence and love and I came away feeling as if I had sat across the table from him as he expounded on his life with this magnificent group of musicians who became terribly dear to his heart. Mason comes across as being grateful for the opportunity and wants the reader to understand how it all came to be.

    A fabulous bonus for the reader is the inclusion of dozens and dozens of terrific photographs. Again, if you are a Pink Floyd fan, I cannot recommend this book highly enough. I have a couple books about Pink Floyd and this one, by Nick Mason himself, is the most boring one. Don't get me wrong, I read the whole thing and did enjoy some of it, but some of it, too, was more than I really cared to know.

    Pink Floyd Echoes The Best of Pink Floyd

    Like stuff about how much money they were making and finances. It often had to do with why the members of the band got into various arguments and fights with each other, but it was also more in-depth about their finances than I needed to know.

    I guess if you're into that kind of thing then this would be a bonus to you, and while I do enjoy finding out about how the non-glamorous under-workings go on behind a big band, it was still a bit too much, IMO. I nodded off a few times. Still, there was information in this book that only an insider would know, particularly a band member, so like I said, there's also a lot of info here that is not covered in other books about the history of Pink Floyd.

    I especially liked the details about the early years and how relationships began and developed among the band members early on. What is annoying is that Mason made several amendments and "updates" to the book after it was published, and what I didn't know at first was which "version" of the book I was getting.

    I'm not even sure of what content was added or if it's worth it to seek out the most recent version of the book or not, but once you publish a book, don't keep adding updates and afterthoughts.

    I just pisses people off. I can't even tell you what to look for if you want to download the most recent version of the book, myself At any rate, if you're a Floyd fan who likes to know details about the band above and beyond the music, this books is not only a good read but it's coming from a practically indisputable source, one of the band members. Floyd is one of the most enigmatic bands of our time and catching more than a glimpse about the inner-workings is a thrill.

    Lots of good stuff in here, and more. It's a nice coffee table book for a softcover and quite heavy, large, and stuffed full of photos you may not have seen before. Kindle Edition Verified download. A Personal History of Pink Floyd" book takes on a more personal and light-hearted approach to the history of the band.

    Mason states "It's hopefully a rather funny book about a serious band.

    Working on the book for ten years, Mason drew from his personal observations and memorabilia, as well as the recollections of band members, associates and friends.

    It was resolved by calling it 'a personal history. Mason describes how "Dark Side Of The Moon" and it's phenomenal success, the album is the longest charting album in history, made for strained relationships in the band. Mason sais "It wasn't so much that Roger took over. It was more of a sense that the songwriters had more control of their individual songs. This is an interesting book for those who seek information and history of the band.

    Drummer Nick Mason is Pink Floyd's only member from the beginning to the present. The band has experienced many ups and downs, so there's plenty to tell for Mason in this personal story of the band, which was published after many corrections by the other three musicians in They played all the psychodelic music from beginning of the band.

    It was amazing, how powerful this kind of rock music st Drummer Nick Mason is Pink Floyd's only member from the beginning to the present. It was amazing, how powerful this kind of rock music still is, when you see the old men live on stage. Mason has no literary ambitions, his retrospective is strictly chronological and he likes to tell anecdotes on important events. This unnecessarily lengthens the book in some chapters, especially when Mason has to tell all the names of crewmembers, fellow musicians, and producers.

    The first half of the book, the founding, the creative phase of Syd Barrett and the enormous success at the beginning of the 70's with Dark Side and Wish You Were Here were very interesting.

    A great chronicle of one of the best rock bands with a lot of information for nerds and nice pictures. Shine On. View 2 comments. View all 12 comments.

    Jan 15, Sean Peters rated it liked it. Firstly I grew up as a teenager listening to Pink Floyd. I remember to this day playing "Dark Side Of The Moon" to my mum and Dad, they said well not sure about this music, but it grew on them as well.

    I was a 70's teenager, love glam rock. I love my music, and great to read about their lives, the work involved in making an album, the difficulty of working with some large egos, the finances, the arguments, the travelling, the disagreements. The sad ending of two members of Pink Floyd, it makes me realise I am getting older. The book sometimes becomes a little heavy, especially with names, names of every crew member, manager, agent, lightning and all sorts of team members including Tom, Dick and Harry Nick Mason does give an interesting semi-independent opinion of the battles within the group, the egos, the finance set up.

    How much travelling is involved every time you release an album. Part of this book is that due to the respect of other members of the group, the manuscript for this book was passed and approved by all members of Pink Floyd but their is an open honesty from Nick Mason.

    Nick also loved motor racing, cars, and has four children who supported his role in Pink Floyd. So interesting but sometimes a bit slow and heavy, but love Pink Floyd you will still enjoy this book I do think Nick Masons comes across as a true English gentleman with wit, who does border on the safe side. Three stars Enjoyable and quite humorous history of Pink Floyd.

    One of my favorite bands, so I was really pleased with it. Well done and recommended, if this kind of thing is your cup of tea. Oder doch? Dabei werden nicht viele Schockmomente aufgedeckt, sondern eher offenbart, dass sich bei Pink Floyd eigentlich um eine nicht sehr abenteuerliche Gruppe handelte.

    View 1 comment. Oct 26, M. Nick Mason has written an appropriately exhaustive memoir of his experience as a lifetime member of Pink Floyd. Though a bit too self-deprecating and to a fault unpretentious, this historical accounting of one of the great British rock bands of all-time will prove to be foremost as biographical standard. Well-written and informative, persons interested in all things Pink Floyd will not be disappointed. Mar 07, Sandra Harvey rated it really liked it.

    A likeable account of the rise and rise of Pink Floyd. Nick Mason is a master raconteur, but I came away wishing I knew more about the band members themselves. Very enjoyable, though and Mason's contribution of the roadies, is somewhat gracious. For a rock and roll drummer, Nick Mason tells a good story. He does talk about Syd Barret leaving the band and some of their concerts and rigging. The making of Dark Side of the Moon was interesting. Sep 20, Vilmos Kondor rated it it was amazing.

    I generally dislike and distrust books about my favorite bands, artists and writers. Therefore I read only a couple of them with my view being: Nevertheless I found myself once again listening to Pink Floyd and somehow I caught glimpse of this book.

    I gave it a perfunctory try but then realized that I couldn't put it down. Nick Mason is a great storyteller who tries to speak for the band and the members and does this with h I generally dislike and distrust books about my favorite bands, artists and writers.

    Nick Mason is a great storyteller who tries to speak for the band and the members and does this with huge amounts of irony and humor.

    A great book about a fantastic band. It made me listen again with "new ears" to the almost forgotten items in their catalog and for this only I am grateful. He also put the feud between David Gilmour and Roger Waters in perspective and I needed to hear a sober version of the story.

    All in all, either you are a fan or are about to become one, this is the one and only book about Pink Floyd that is worth reading. Kudos to Mr. Mason for achieving the impossible. Feb 20, arterialturns rated it it was amazing.

    Admittedly I'm a very biased Pink Floyd fan since or so! A humorous, thoughtful, self-deprecating and not-at-all-pretentious inside look at a band with an interesting history.

    Nick Mason comes across better than probably anyone else in the band could, given the divisive feelings between the rest of them. Also, it's a fan's dream: I have loved Pink Floyd for decades, and I'm proud that I got to see one of their very last shows in in London. It was gorgeous.

    This book is competently written and gives an interesting history of the group. I only wish it could have had more character depth between the main members. I would have loved to hear more of the details that went on between them all as they were creating their spectacular albums. As a teenager, I was very much into Pink Floyd.

    There were a number of reasons. First that they had, pretty much, ended their careers by the time I discovered them and so had the exotic feel of a band from more interesting times.

    Band leader and bassist Roger Waters' particular brand of alienation - 'we don't need no education' - appealed to my anarchist tendencies. Dave Gilmour seemed like a magical guitarist. At a certain point that changed, partly from overlistening, partly because I outgrew As a teenager, I was very much into Pink Floyd. At a certain point that changed, partly from overlistening, partly because I outgrew them.

    Nowadays I can only really listen to their earlier albums - Meddle most of all - before they get too ponderous, and some might say pretentious. Luckily, Mason's memoir isn't ponderous at all, and he has that breezy type of wry English humour one associates with someone like Michael Palin.

    Mason seems like a nice chap, the kind you might have been friends with had you known him. Like a good middle class boy, he's a pretty good writer too.

    The writing is lively and full of illuminating detail. The history of the band, like the music itself, tends to become less interesting as time passes. Really, it's the early years, when they are at the head of a particular zeitgeist that is most interesting. Still, rather than any of Mason's observations, it was my own reflections that tended to dominate the experience of reading the book, and I may as well record those here.

    To begin with, I was struck by just how young they were when they made it 'big'. Their first album, 'Piper at the Gates of Dawn,' was mostly composed by their first lead man - Syd Barrett - who was probably their only true genius, at the age of of Youth is par for the course for popular music, but that's still young to produce something so unique.

    Had Barrett not suffered a breakdown under the influence of industry pressure and drugs, and subsequently been ejected from the band, one can only imagine the work they might have produced a decade later. On the subject of youth, the band were all about when they recorded their next big hit, Dark Side of the Moon. That's about right for bands, but there are plenty of people who at 28 still don't know what they want to do with their life, let alone go about producing one of the greatest albums of all time.

    This had me reflecting on the vicissitudes of fate. Being in the right place at the right time -- this seems to be a crucial factor in any success. Release an album or book too early or too late and it may sink.

    Collaborate with the right person, and they might drag you - as in this case - into the big-time. In this sense, Mason seems to have led a charmed life.

    Inside Out: A Personal History of Pink Floyd

    Neither he nor Waters were really very good musicians, though Waters did later become an excellent songwriter. They just happened to have been lucky enough to be friends with Barrett. Barrett essentially gifted the other three and then four when Dave Gilmour replaced him a career.

    As Mason and Waters have said themselves, there would have been no Pink floyd without Barrett. But once they had their start - and this was another of my ruminations - they gripped on for dear life. They toured incessantly, recorded a lot. Waters taught himself to become a great songwriter almost by force of will, but more importantly, the band seemed to bring out the best in each other. Each member had their own particular skills that they brought.

    The whole was more than the sum of the parts. I would have liked more of Mason's reflections on the musical side of things, but as he was mostly an 'active passenger' in this, maybe he isn't the right person for this.

    You don't get much reflection really on any of these larger questions - fame, genius, luck - from Mason in the book, which has more of an everyday approach to it. But you do get a sense of the dynamics of the band, their demanding schedule, the later acrimonious split, and their final reunion for Live 8.

    Mason is a genial guide to all of the events, and that makes it one of the better rock memoirs. Nov 19, George Moore rated it really liked it. I enjoyed the book a lot. Nick has a sense of humor that comes through in the writing. Though I wasn't overly interested in the Syd days, the remainder of the book was a fun read.

    I loved reading his remembrances of tours and albums while recalling what I was doing during that same time. Nick covered the friction of Roger's departure diplomatically. Frankly, I land squarely in David's camp on that issue.

    Nick's words regarding Rick Wright's passing were wonderful. I'm glad to see Rick get credit fo I enjoyed the book a lot. I'm glad to see Rick get credit for his contributions, even if it's posthumously. If you're a Pink Floyd fan, I heartily recommend reading this book. Mar 14, Calin Biris rated it really liked it Shelves: Istoria trupei povestita prin ochii tobosarului prezinta o cronologie a evenimentelor, pieselor, albumelor si concertelor. Cartea este scrisa precaut, sa nu raneasca pe nimeni si probabil din motivul acesta parca ii lipseste sarea si piperul.

    Din pacate nu m-a captivat foarte mult si am lasat-o de 2 - 3 ori pana sa ajung sa o termin. O recomand cu caldura celor pasionati de rock clasic si care viseaza la a deveni celebrii in muzica. Jul 17, Cole Whetstone rated it liked it. The same forces that brought the band together tore it apart, but they still made a lot of meaningful music.

    In large part, the money and the ego. Nick Mason has few illusions about what being a Rockstar is like. Although he acknowledges the momentary transcendence of Type: Although he acknowledges the momentary transcendence of playing in shows and being showered with success, he focuses much more on the day-to-day interpersonal relationships that moved the band through each of its successive phases.

    What was it like to be a member of Pink Floyd? Honestly Mason makes it out as if he were simply there for a good time, smelled the trappings of success, and then held on for dear life. Mason is faithful to the many ex-bandmates esp. Syd Barett , managers esp. May 20, Anette rated it liked it.

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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